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WE STRIVE TO BE A LOW COST PROVIDER OF PATENT APPLICATIONS--- Our fee is $2376 -- this also includes as many professional drawings as needed (usually 4 or more), and several rounds of revisions if you feel it's needed after reading the first draft. Start to finish of this phase of the application process is about 3 weeks. Once you application is filed with the USPTO, we can help with prosecution work for an additional charge.

Please don't think that you have to pay a lot of money to get good quality. The cost that an attorney charges is arbitrary. It's based on time spent and what he or she thinks that he or she can get away with charging you.

In fact, many times the quoted price others advertise is just a teaser to hook you in with other hidden fees not mentioned. Our fee includes everything needed to get your application properly written and filed. Formal CAD drawings are included. Others will charge you extra for these services. For example, if four drawings are needed an extra charge of at least $60 each would create a separate fee of $240 which needs to be added onto the initial quoted price other firms advertise. As would be the case with any search work done -- an extra charge of about $299 or more gets charged to you. We don't work like that.

We are an intellectual property law group. This means that our work is done in-house. You can talk with us as often as you like (free of charge) and each time you call we will have a complete understanding of your needs. Many times other places farm the writing of your application to an outside source (sometimes even to outside countries). This means that they are unable to give you the dedication that we can provide. We become familiar with your needs and are able to work with you every step of the way.

We are as good as any higher paying firm you'll find. Our attorneys have years of patent experience and if our docket permits we welcome your new business! Call us today... 1-800-335-0038

The internet has changed the IP legal business. With computers and software technology the hours that used to go into preparing a patent application have been dramatically reduced. What was once a process that cost tens of thousands of dollars has been reduced to where it is today. WE THINK THE PRICE IS STILL TOO HIGH!!!


We believe in honesty and integrity and in these economic times -- prudence is rewarded.

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-- Our attorneys graduated from top law schools.

-- Many of our employees have graduated from Ivy League institutions.

-- Our attorneys have top corporate and law firm experience.

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When you're ready to file your patent application you've come to the right place. We can provide the services you need to help get a United States or Foreign Patent.

If we can handle it -- we will charge $2376 to write your patent application. This includes several rounds of revisions that you may request after we've written the first draft as well as creating all the needed figures and flowcharts that will be sent along with your application. We conduct a prior art review and recommend a comprehensive search before you start. We provide unlimited phone time so your patent application is given the dedication needed. Our open door policy means you even have the option to come in and meet with us face to face if you prefer the old fashioned "brick and mortar" approach.

Discover your goals for a resonable amount of $$$'s!

We're here 24/7 and just a phone call away to get started.

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